Information about sight


int ownerId
Author user ID
int sightId
ID of sight
int[] markIds
Array of IDs of marks
double lat
double lng
long dateCreated
Date in unixtime when sight was created
long dateUpdated
Date in unixtime when sight was last edited (if not editions, 0)
string title
Title of sight
string description
City city
City, where sight is located; if not specified by user, may be null
boolean isVerified
true if sight is officially approved
boolean isArchived
true if sight no more exists
int visitState
State of visit current user: 0 - not visited, 1 - visited, 2 - desired. If user not authorized, always equals 0
Rating rating
User rating of sight
boolean canModify
true, if current user can modify information of this sight
Photo photo
First attached photo to sight. If no photos - null
Sight child
Only sights.getById. Nested sight: child - past sight on this place. If no child - field not include.
Sight parent
Only sights.getById. Nested sight: parent - future sight on this place. If no parent - field not include.